One Minute Audio: DACA

Erica Tarango, director of the Colorado DACA Project explains to us the DACA application process with details!



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Data Visualization





This graph shows us the number of immediately eligible immigrants in the State of Colorado. As we see form the graph almost 100 percent are Spanish speaking young students that could benefit from being able to access to higher education and become active and useful part of the society. From the graph we can see that students that are between 15 and 30 years old will be immediately eligible that means close to 90 thousand.

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Immigration Map

Click herscreen-shot-2016-11-18-at-11-46-15-pme for a map that
shows 2013 immigration of US lawful residents from the different regions of the world.

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Motion Graphic Animation Critique

This is an excerpt from Leonardo DiCaprio’s full-length documentary “Beyond the Flood”. I had the opportunity to watch this documentary during the weekend with my family and I am blown away because it is the perfect combination between still pictures, video and motion graphics. I decided to put up only the 15 minutes of the documentary that shows how by just a minimal increase in temperature the whole balance in weather patterns will be broken. Also when we are able to see the vision of the thin blue atmosphere from above it really gives you a different perspective.

The motion graphics I refer to occur when the scientist is showing changing weather patterns on a digital wall map, and it shows a simulation of how some parts of the world will become dry, and others will freeze.  This is an amazing visual that is very effective in communicating what the consequences of an increase in ocean temperature might be.

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Cal-Wood Educational Center, check it out!

Rafael Salgado has a great story to share with the world; it all started when he tracked a bird across borders from Canada to his native country of Mexico.  Now, he runs an outreach program here in Colorado, that teaches low-income kids and families about sustainability, environmental protection and living from the ponderosa trees.

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Audio Slideshow 1

Short interview with Mary Young during the First Latino Parent Fair at Casey Middle School. Service providers had the opportunity to share their information during a well attended and useful gathering.

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Documentary Video

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Wifi…like the air we breathe

During the First Latino Parents and Students Fair at Casey Middle School, participants discussed topics about lack of access to various basic services for the community in need.


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Listen for footsteps, ringing, preparing, paper, work, people cursing, greetings, something being taken apart, something beginning, something ending, surprise, something electronic, laughter, all topped off with isolation.

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MadLids: Showering in the Dark

Christina and Rosanna solve a very dark problem.


Audio Critique:

I loved going to McGuckins with Christina and recording our audio it was a real fun project. Since we both have to deal with work and kids schedule it was a challenge to finally get together but we did it! It was easy to jump in and start recording right away and try to solve the real dark problem Christina had with her shower.  The audio project was a real challenge for me personally! It was hard to coordinate a good time to get together to work on our MadLids editing. I hope to be able to get another chance to get more practice specially because I want to learn how to better use professional software for editing my own audios at the radio for the blind.


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