Motion Graphics Critique – Do you know what Strategic Workforce Planning is?

This short motion graphics video explains a very complex concept: Strategic Workforce Planning (SWP).  I chose to critique this particular motion graphics video because it was prepared by my husband’s company, and I have always had a difficult time understanding what he does.  With this video, even though I still don’t get all the intricacies, I can get a visual picture of the business, and its benefits.

Basically, SWP tries to forecast the demand a company will face for its workforce; what skills it will need, in what roles, when?  Then, it helps workforce planners make strategic decisions to fulfill that demand.

OptForce’s use of motion graphics to explain their business is a great idea.  Explaining a complex concept through a PowerPoint presentation or a video with actual people would probably result in a boring, long, excruciating experience.  Using a “comic book” style video using motion graphics makes it concise, fun and entertaining.  It also forces whoever is making the video to focus on key areas that need to be communicated effectively, as opposed to a traditional format where a real person or even an actor will try to explain every detail of the methodology.

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