Audio Critique – The League of Women Voters on Immigration Rights


One of my passions is helping underrepresented populations find out about the rights, opportunities, and benefits that their community offers.  That is why I was attracted to this brief, public service announcement-like report by the League of Women Voters of Boulder County (LWVBC).  I am about to begin an internship with LWVBC and KGNU Radio this semester.  I plan on reporting and broadcasting on these types of issues.

What captured my attention about this particular audio is its unusual nature.  Instead of focusing on what most people expect – what undocumented immigrants cannot do, in other words, the negative aspect of immigration, it talks about what rights undocumented immigrants do have access to.

The audio goes through 5 of the most important rights of immigrants, including employment, education, public benefits, etc.  However, the audio is very superficial and a monotone.  I think, in order to attract more interested listeners who will – either for themselves or for someone they know – provide practical advice, there should be information on how exactly to go about procuring those benefits.  For example, the audio could benefit from personal stories or testimonials from immigrants.

I just heard from a lady from Mexico who is using her US-born son’s social security number to apply for mortgage credit, and other benefits that she would otherwise not have access to.  More of these stories are needed by the community to inform of real opportunities available, that will benefit them and their communities.

The audio is clean and well recorded, but it needs some life behind it, like live testimonials, background noise, etc.


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