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2 thoughts on “Documentary Video”

  1. Rossana, this is a bit different than what the assignment called for. The video of the song opening and closing the segment is ok, although it would be better with a tripod to make it less shaky. I also find it hard to figure out what the story is actually about. It could be focused on children and pollinators, which would be great, but would require you to get a different range of photos. The actual photo portion of the slideshow gets a bit redundant with the series of photos of children studying and the portraits of kids who’s relationship to the story is unclear. A broader variety of images – details, overalls, action shots, portraits, etc. – would make the visual story move a bit faster.

  2. I also wanted to comment on the moves on the photos. I don’t dislike moves on photos, but I think it’s best to use them judiciously, rather than throwing moves on every photo. Movement can draw the eye to specific aspects of a photo, like Ken Burns does in his documentaries, but they’re most effective when the majority of the photos don’t have moves and when the moves are somewhat subtle and slow.

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