Wifi…like the air we breathe

During the First Latino Parents and Students Fair at Casey Middle School, participants discussed topics about lack of access to various basic services for the community in need.


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3 thoughts on “Wifi…like the air we breathe”

  1. I’m not sure if this is for the “Soundslide project” or not.
    The music is great throughout and matches succinctly so it doesn’t sound choppy at all. In the future, I would mention where I was at the top of the piece so the audience knows where you are and who you are speaking with. If you produce for radio in the future it will be easier on the audience if you mentioned where you are so as to give context to the entire piece. I’d also suggest bringing the music down a bit during the interview so that the audience can better hear what is being discussed.

    Interesting topic matter and great photo!
    Makes me want to research which laws to vote on now so that Internet accessibility might be improved for underserved communities. I can see this being part of a bigger piece.

  2. The music at the performance opens the piece nicely, but it at times makes it a little challenging to hear your subject, as does the other background noise. You’ve got a colorful way of setting up your question which might be even more effective if you were to present the question directly to your audience, and then say “I went to so-and-so to find the answer.” The music isn’t strongly related to your story, so I would probably minimize it for the rest of the piece and only raise it’s volume to punctuate the piece once at most. Rather than the music coming back, I’d rather hear you ask another question. Usually, once you’ve included yourself in the piece, you’re committed to appearing in it a couple more times (although you don’t want to make the piece about you). The background noise is pretty distracting, which is one of the challenges of doing audio at events like this. Ideally, you would have pulled your subject away from the festival so that you could isolate her from the noise or at least minimize it. Then you could record the band yourself to have good audio of them that you could fade down into the background. You got good answers out of your subject, but you need to guide your listener just a little bit with follow-up questions or short voiceovers from you.

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