Interview Transcription

Interview with

Takami Peemoeller

at the Audio Information Network of Colorado

October 15th 2016 at 1:18 pm

Hello! You are listening to the Audio Information Network. Thank you so much for joining us for our interview program Conversations with Rossana!

Here we are today and we have a visitor from the City of Thorton: Takami Peemoeller, she is the Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator of the City of Thorton that has come to visit us to see what we are doing here at our audio information services. As you know, we provide access to printed material, we turn printed material into audio, so that people that cannot access printed material can listen to what is going on around their neighborhoods and also be aware of what is going on with a deep detail around the world, we read newspapers. We read more than 100 newspapers of the State of Colorado and other publications and today we have Takami here visiting and she is going to tell us what the City of Thorton is doing to help their residents.

Welcome Takami, so nice to have you here.

Thank you!

Yeah, it is nice to be here!

Tell me what is your position and what are you doing to improve the lives of people that live in the City of Thornton?

Great! So I am the Neighborhood Outreach Coordinator at the City of Thornton.  I am the liaison for all the non-profit organizations in the city, which basically operate and serve our residents in Thornton, so I am the person for any questions or comments that non-profits have but I also work on community events that we grow with the non-profits for the residents in the city. So one of the annual events is the paint-a-thon which we do in conjunction with the Brothers Redevelopment and we paint the houses of senior citizens and disable people who can’t afford to do it or are not able to do it on their own and we are also gearing up for a fall event that we are doing with the Senior Hub and this event we are also focus on seniors and disable people how wish to clean up their yards and this event we are specifically doing with the City of Thornton residents, but the Senior Hub does this event also with other people in Adams County and Brothers Redevelopment does a paint-a-thon in other cities in Adams Count… so they are resources out there for people that are needing help specially with their homes.  

That is wonderful, because as we aged what I am hearing more and more is that people what to stay in their houses, but they need to do accommodations, they must change a bathroom they must change a way they go out of the house and it is so difficult for them to get this done, because the costs are super high when you want to repair a house.

Yeah, I think that all over Colorado we are hearing housing is an issue not just in Thornton but everywhere, because they are so many people moving to the state every year and they are pushing out a lot of people who are trying to make a leaving and renting out houses and they are getting pushout because they are people that can afford it so yes being able to stay in your house and continue to make upgrades that is a huge part of what neighborhoods services and city of Thornton does we care a lot about revitalizing the neighborhood and having people…mm  making them have pride in their neighborhood and in their house and being able to do it through this programs that is really important to us.

That is wonderful… the service that you are providing… ah… mm I would like for you to explain to me how many people are accessing these services, you know, so far and if you can tell about one example of somebody that you help and you made a big difference.

Yeah, so unfortunate Neighborhood Services hasn’t been around for too long, I think that our department was created a long time ago I think that back in 2010 so we can’t say that we helped a lot of people yet but in the paint-a-ton we helped 3 people in the last year we tent to help around that number 3 to 5 every year since we done it. The fall cleanup we do a significantly we cleanup more houses so that tents to be maybe 10 to 20 people are helped through that program. We also have a Help for homes program that serves people as well and I am not entirety sure about the numbers around that, but when you mention people how have benefited for our program one couple particularly comes to mind it is a senior and his wife and they have a family and they have 5 kids but they all live far away…

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