Flamenco Denver Dance Company Presents: RAICES II




Featuring elite Flamenco artists from Spain and the U.S.A. at the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder. A unique experience that only a few selected guest got to experience thanks to a generous donation from James Bailey, the audience was enchanted with Jose Valle Chuscales-Guitarra, Carlos Andres Menchaca-Baile, Kayla Lyall-Baile, Vicente Griego & Meagan Chandler-Cante, Alejandro Valle-Cajon, Maria Vasquez & Flamenco Denver Dance Company.

If you still want to see them perform just drive down to Denver tomorrow! You will have a second chance this coming Saturday, September 10th at Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater located at 1934 South Broadway.  Event starts at 7:30pm and the cost is $30 per person, for more information you can call at 303 832 4846.

Arrived at event: 6:50pm/Event began: 7:05pm/Photo taken: 7:36/

Posted: 11:36pm/Posted to FB and Linkend: 11:54pm


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2 thoughts on “Flamenco Denver Dance Company Presents: RAICES II”

  1. Rosanna, this looks like a lovely event.

    In terms of overall composition, I thought you did a great job capturing a difficult subject. The low lighting and distance from the action made it a hard scene to capture, but your photos convey the passion and skill of the dance.

    If possible, I might try to get a closer picture of the dancers, especially if you would be able to convey the emotions on the faces of the dancers. In the second photo, the woman’s movement makes her slightly blurry and in the third, her lower legs are out of frame. I think you could convey the scene with the first photo alone. The clutter of the microphone and empty chairs are slightly distracting, but the stark, black backdrop behind them is clean and simple. The pose of the man in the first photo is strong and evocative.

    Overall, you did an excellent job working with the conditions you were given. You could have a closer shot and better lighting, but both could have been distracting to the performance.

    I’m excited to see what you produce the rest of the semester!

    – Nick

  2. Rossana, your caption does a great job of promoting the event. As we discussed, the challenges you faced with access weakened the quality of the photos you were able to make. Photographing after or before the event, to capture a moments when they weren’t necessarily dancing but preparing for or recovering after the performance could work well. The angle on the photo from the high seats is pretty good, but the distance from the performance doesn’t allow you to the capture the energy and beauty of the performance. See D2L for your grade.

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